A public health emergency has been declared in Puerto Rico as most remain without electricity, and water after Hurricane Fiona

A public health emergency has been declared in Puerto Rico as most remain without electricity, and water after Hurricane Fiona

Federal officials announced a public health emergency Thursday in Puerto Rico, where hundreds of thousands of Americans remain without electricity or running water, four days after Hurricane Fiona hit the island.

“The current runoff is tearing up some of our infrastructure,” Alma Frontera, from Puerto Rico Foundation, for FOX Weather due to its generator noise. “At the moment, the main issue is the lack of energy as well as the lack of potable water.”

Floods and landslides have also destroyed bridges and roads, isolated communities, kept aid workers away, and prevented residents from accessing medical services and supplies.

Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi He saw first-hand the extent of the isolation of some societies. In a tweet, he said he had visited a town where authorities were able to fill a damaged road and reach 13 families cut off from civilization since Fiona was hit.

Before and after photos show the devastation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona Pommels Island

carrots emergency gate system It reported that only 38% of LUMA Energy customers have the service. LUMA provides power to Puerto Rico’s 3.2 million residents. This means that about two million Puerto Ricans are still in the dark and struggling for generators.

Speaking to FOX Weather’s Nicole, Virgil Oliveira, the mayor of Saint-Germain, said: “We still don’t even have energy in our hospitals. It’s incredible how the two main hospitals in Saint-Germain, not only the local hospital but our regional hospital, still lack capacity.” . Valdes while reporting in Puerto Rico. “Based on our past experience, I predict that there will be areas where there may be power cuts for more than a month. This is a fatal reality not only for our economy but for our lives. This is a life-or-death situation.”

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PowerOutage.US Shown the worst affected areas are in western Puerto Rico and across the midsection from west to east, where 75% to 100% of LUMA customers are without power. Even the south coast is only 60% powered. The area around the capital, San Juan, shows the highest rate of energy recovery.

“LUMA, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, and other partner generators added additional generation capacity to the system,” he wrote on Twitter. blame. “With this additional generation, LUMA has restored service to 420,000 customers representing 28% of all customers.”

Some residents say these efforts are insufficient.

TMy dear, this is the moment to prove to the people of Puerto Rico that you (Luma) are ready. Mayor Oliveira said: Not for me as mayor, but for the people. “Unfortunately, today, four days after the hurricane, I simply haven’t seen the evidence that they are making a great effort to pick up power lines and poles for people to have that service in life or death.”

According to the portal, only 67% of water service customers have running water. run by the government Puerto Rico Canal and Sewerage Authority (AAA) provided water to more than 1.2 million customers before Fiona. The AAA warned those with running water not to boil it for 3 minutes before drinking due to contamination concerns.

AAA reported that crews are checking tanks and filtration plants for damage as the floodwaters recede. After more than 30 inches of rain in some areas, the receding water is slowing.

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San Juan officials were not waiting.

“We have made the decision to lease generators to power the AccueductoSPR pumps that provide drinking water to San Juan communities,” chirp Mayor of San Juan. “The Cottos (Caimito 2) already has its generator. We carry on!”

Pierluisi said Wednesday that he has asked President Joe Biden to fully fund the costs of wreck removal, search and rescue, and the restoration of power, water, shelter and food for one month.

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“A lot of homes and businesses are still without electricity and without clean drinking water,” Biden said during a news conference Thursday. “Yesterday, at the governor’s request, I immediately agreed to an urgent declaration of a major disaster to provide individual and public assistance to help people and communities recover from it, and this declaration will obtain federal resources quickly, and will help people begin to rebuild their lives.”

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Valdes was speaking to Puerto Ricans as they clean up, and said most of them are still in shock at the devastation of a Category 1 hurricane.

“There is a mixture of sadness, anger, frustration, shock and strength among Puerto Ricans who simply feel circumstances are stacked against them,” Valdez said.

“Moreover, many Puerto Ricans feel neglected and their leaders have failed to learn and act on the lessons that Hurricane Maria taught so many,” Valdez added. “They were hoping that the devastation and deaths from the storm five years ago would lead to better protocols and safer infrastructure that keep their power intact rather than forcing millions to try to survive in the dark, without water and in the scorching heat for so long. The amount of time is once unknown. other”.

Hurricane Fiona struck just days before the fifth anniversary of the deadly Hurricane Maria.

An influx of hundreds of FEMA employees, volunteers and aid organizations joined the Puerto Rican authorities in an effort to speed up the recovery process.

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