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Basecamp Fitness Complex – St. Paul Mpls Magazine

Fitness Basecamp Opened his second location in Minnesota at 50The tenth and French fitness magnet Nolan Maines in February 2020. After two years and one pandemic, the California-born chain is poised for further expansion in the coming years with three Twin Cities locations on deck and several others nationwide. Thanks to franchise Tonya DeGregorio, Basecamp spreads love (and race!) throughout the Twin Cities: Apple Valley, Eden Prairie, and Maple Grove.

With over 40 studios in the pipeline, see the blue and black race spot that will debut in Jacksonville, Orlando, Detroit, Charleston, New York and San Diego in 2023.

DeGregorio worked in the fitness industry for most of her career before jumping in at Basecamp. “After five years working as a coach and assistant director of studio manager at Orangetheory Fitness, I took the position of studio manager at Basecamp Fitness studio in Woodbury,” she says. “I immediately fell in love with the brand and its vision and saw firsthand how popular it was with fitness enthusiasts of all types.”

Although it started in California, Basecamp is now owned by Chanhassen self esteem brands, the mother of Life Time, Anytime Fitness, and many more venues. BC has three metro locations, but DeGregorio will gain a foothold for the brand with its three franchise locations. Apple Valley, its first location, is on track to open in early March 2023. This will be followed by Eden Prairie and Maple Grove locations. “Apple Valley caught our eye due to its proximity to Rosemount and Eagan – not to mention the residential and commercial growth that is happening in the area,” she says.

The 35-minute workout is known as a high-intensity flip-flop: alternating one minute of cycling on a bicycle (where speed relates to resistance) with one minute of strength training, culminating in a basic blast. The brand’s biggest selling point is its shortness: It fits 50 minutes of work into a 35-minute workout. And you can do anything for 35 minutes right?!

The exercise is tough – trust us, friends, we’ve tried it! The hottest part of the fire is actually the blue flame, and we haven’t lost sight of Basecamp Studios being washed out with blue light. Hot, tough, and enough “I did it!” Dopamine to get you back.

Basecamp aims to orchestrate, define, and build lean muscle tissue through an “ever-changing blend of TRXs, kettlebells, weights, dumbbells, medicine balls, and bodyweight exercises,” says DiGregorio. But society is what binds fanatics together. “At the end of the day, exercise brings people together and builds a community around fitness,” she continues. “I’ve met many great friends throughout my life through my fitness journey and I want to create this community in my studios: people who enjoy working hard and celebrating milestones and victories together.”

Ben Camper, who has made long stints around the fitness industry since 2009 and played professional hockey for a while, suffered a Basecamp workout infection at OG Burlingame, California. “I knew Basecamp was the most efficient and effective workout on the market,” he says. “I loved its location in the boutique fitness space.”

Now Head of Brand Basecamp at Self Esteem Brands, Camper has noticed a return to fitness in the wake of the pandemic that has changed many aspects of our daily lives. “There is no doubt that the pandemic has forever changed the fitness industry and how people approach their fitness routines,” he says. The inflation of virtual content and engagement outside the gym walls is one expectation to stay here. “However, we have seen most people return to local gyms and fitness studios, simply because it is a virtually unrepeatable experience.”

In the age of fitness mirrors and famous peloton trainers, there’s still something irresistible about sweating next to strangers. “People want to fit effective exercise into their busy schedules, and Basecamp does so while fostering an organic and emotional community of hyper-achieving,” says Camper. “They want to check in on their daily life for 35 minutes and get a sweat that helps them function through the rest of their day.”

next step

There’s no doubt about it: “It’s been an exciting year for Basecamp Fitness,” says Camper. It’s been a really exciting year for humanity – but especially the gym rats who love their studios, classes, and IRL kids.

Basecamp currently has a contract with the franchisor to bring 20 new BC studios (you read it well!) to Florida, a new frontier for the brand. The first two studios are expected to open in Jacksonville and Orlando in early 2023. “In the next few years, we have a strong development strategy to open more than 200 locations across the United States, as well as a few international markets,” says Camper.

Today, twin cities, tomorrow the world.

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