Curby's Compost Service Customers, 740 W. Oakland Ave.  In Port Washington, they fill up compost buckets like these for leftovers.  The company captures compostable waste, and more than a million worms turn it into nutrient-rich castings to fertilize the soil.

Composting companies help turn food waste into natural compost

Landfill space is a valuable and potentially limited commodity in an urban area.

The Orchard Ridge Landfill in Menomoney Falls, the largest in the state, was close to capacity in 2019 with a pile of waste nearly 16 stories high. Expanded its territory by 40 acres, and now it has Plan for more capacity.

Nationally, about 108 billion pounds of food — the equivalent of 130 billion meals and more than $408 billion in food — is wasted each year in the United States, according to Feeding America.

In Wisconsin, the Department of Natural Resources studied state landfills last year and found that more than 30% of the waste disposed consisted of edible or otherwise edible food, along with food scraps, husks, bones and coffee grounds.

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