Cupcakes are a hot commodity at Grace on Main in Elk Horn.

Elk Horn’s Grace on Main is home to “the soul-nourishing comfort food”

Imagine leaving behind a job in government in California to start a new life in Iowa, and your dream of opening your own restaurant begins on March 18, 2020 — the day the governor announces restaurant restrictions due to COVID-19.

This is the story of Eli and Michael Mueller and their restaurant Grace on Main in Elk Horn.

Their decision to come to Iowa was not taken lightly.

“Michael worked and gained extensive experience in fine dining and bartenders while in California,” Eli said. “After 17 years in the industry, he joined me to work for local government. After our close friends moved to this area of ​​California, we started looking seriously at leaving the hustle and bustle of the city and building a new home in the Midwest. We traveled with them and visited them in the winter and fell in love with the idea Rural life wide open in a small town.

Eli and Michael Mueller moved from California to Iowa and opened Grace on Main in Elk Horn.

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Eli said Michael refers to himself as a “self-taught cook” and has always had a passion for cooking.

“Back in California, we were hosting dinner parties and family and friends would join us for delicious food and good conversation. When Michael and I made the hop to move from California, we prayed for the next chapter of our lives. After moving here, a block was made available on Main Street, and it felt like Thanks to God that everything is in place so that we can open a restaurant.”

This is how they settled on the name, Grace on Main.

The opening on the day Iowa essentially shut down due to the pandemic immediately put the couple at a disadvantage.

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