Fitness Tips: Common Mistakes on Your Weight Loss Journey |  health

Fitness Tips: Common Mistakes on Your Weight Loss Journey | health

While regular exercise and exercise is crucial to seeing the difference in our balance, some achievable changes to our diet and simple tricks can speed up the weight loss process. However, despite sticking to the diet and changing eating and lifestyle habits, some people don’t lose weight quickly or get the weight loss result they want even though they make supposedly healthy choices.

This may be because they follow outdated or misguided advice and in the age of passing health advice so casually, it is easy to fall into the trap of misconceptions about fitness. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Prateek Lamechwal, Advance Nutrition and Fitness Coach at FITTR, listed some common mistakes in your weight loss journey that you should watch out for:

1. Not counting calories – A calorie deficit is vital to losing weight. Many people forget that weight loss is effective when you burn more calories than you consume. Thus, keeping track of the amount of nutrients you take in for the day can go a long way in losing fat.

2. Maintaining short-term goals – Losing weight isn’t the hard part, and it’s hard to hold it off for much longer. This is the reason why many people tend to gain most of their lost weight in a very short period of time. Therefore, I would suggest that it is essential to be consistent throughout your weight loss journey and to set long-term goals. Focus on making a lifestyle change. This will help develop a healthy diet and exercise regime that will reap significant benefits in the long run.

3. Obsessive about your weight – Weight loss will not always be linear. To lose weight, it is important to maintain muscle mass and reduce body fat percentage. Thus, the correct way to lose fat is to focus on losing inches, maintaining your strength and endurance, and focusing on your daily energy levels.

4. Too much cardio – Cardio is a great way to exercise when it comes to burning calories. However, excessive cardio can lead to muscle loss which can lead to loose and saggy skin. Thus, doing a combination of weightlifting and cardio during the week is not only a sustainable fat loss strategy but also a great way to build and strengthen muscle.

Adding to the list of common mistakes, nutritionist Mac, co-founder and CEO of Fitelo, recommends avoiding these weight loss mistakes:

1. Count calories – In today’s diet culture, we ask a person who is on a diet to reduce calories further and eat less than people who already have deficiencies and health conditions. Going into a severe calorie deficit can exacerbate additional health and completely disrupt the body’s metabolism. Instead, we should focus on nutritious foods. Nutrition is not about counting calories. It is about micro and macros. For example, vitamin deficiencies and metabolic or hormonal disorders such as PCOD and hypothyroidism cannot be managed if we blindly follow the concept of calorie counting.

2. Keto / Intermittent (Primal Diet Culture) – If we talk about the keto diet, it involves eating only fats and proteins and leaving out carbohydrates. Giving up carbs is a dangerous way to lose weight. You will mess up your body’s natural hormonal balance just by cutting out carbs or restricting them unnecessarily. So, if you think that following or not eating a low-carb diet like the keto diet will help you lose weight, you may lose weight temporarily, say for a month. But without carbs, you won’t be able to maintain that lost weight, and the lost weight will bounce back quickly!

3. Weight Loss Supplements / Drinks – Companies tout their shakes as a meal replacement but they don’t contain enough calories to make up a meal, leading to deadly nutrient deficiencies. There have been several reports of suspected liver damage from these weight loss products. Moreover, when you switch your life to a regular diet, these dabba-life products are bad for your metabolism. It is highly processed. Its ingredients include protein isolates, added sugars, gums, artificial flavors and emulsifiers. Some weight loss products contain caffeine because it boosts metabolism. But caffeine has many harmful effects. It raises blood pressure, depletes minerals from the body, and can cause anxiety and imbalances in blood sugar levels, causing people to eat more or crave sugar or carbohydrates.

4. Follow a gluten-free diet – In order to eliminate gluten, you will have to completely change your lifestyle to incorporate other grains and leave out wheat. Plus, gluten-free isn’t readily available everywhere. According to a research paper titled “The Gluten-Free Diet and Nutrient Deficiency: A Review”, a gluten-free diet may lead to nutrient imbalance resulting in the improper nutritional quality of the diet. Moreover, gluten-free foods do not mean health. They have nothing to do with losing weight. Just because something is gluten-free doesn’t mean it’s free of a lot of sodium, sugar, oil, dyes, chemicals, and preservatives.

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