Food safety experts meet to study food

Arlington, Virginia – More than 400 global food safety professionals, research experts, and food safety policy leaders joined the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) today at the virtual exhibition. food safety forum. Jointly hosted by the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA), global experts and food safety professionals for a series of sessions that explored detection methods for non-cultivable foodborne pathogens, their limitations, and how current risk assessment science can be used to support these methods and inform regulatory policy. and public health policy.

The three-hour forum included several expert panels that provided an overview of non-cultivable foodborne pathogens, such as enteroviruses and protozoan parasites, current PCR-based detection methodologies, interpretation of positive test results, and their relationship to food contamination and the public . health risks. Speakers also highlighted the potential impacts of policies and discussed guidance to support prevention and control strategies among farmers and food processors.

“The Food Safety Forum is an opportunity for AFFI and IFPA to bring together the scientific community to address pressing and emerging issues and achieve a more complete understanding of the challenging topics that intersect with food production policy and public health,” said Dr. Donna Garen. Executive Vice President of Science and Policy at AFFI. “As non-cultivable pathogens are increasingly studied and tested as part of regulatory and internal food safety programs, the Food Safety Forum is creating a place where professionals can review the scientific body of knowledge, evaluate food safety actions, and look to future implementation.”

A full list of speakers from academia, government and the food industry Available online. As part of the programming, AFFI shared a library from Food Safety Resources Available to growers and processors for enterovirus management, including a complementary set of best practices and a professional certification program. Additional partner organizations include the National Restaurant Association, the National Association of State Agricultural Departments, and FMI – Food Industry Association.

“As the food industry, scientists and regulators share research and advance knowledge of non-arable foodborne pathogens, it is also time to consider how this information will help assess potential contamination and its impact on public health,” added Dr. Garen. . AFFI welcomes and is pleased to promote scientific dialogue that will help advance safety best practices and inform the implementation of regulatory policies.


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The American Frozen Food Institute is a member-driven national trade association that represents all sectors of the frozen food supply chain from manufacturers to suppliers and distributors. AFFI advocates before legislative and regulatory entities on behalf of the industry, acts as the voice of the industry and advocates for industry leadership to create an environment in which frozen foods are essential in a dynamic market.

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