Georgia Cancer Center helps locals access fitness classes to reduce cancer risk - Jaguar

Georgia Cancer Center helps locals access fitness classes to reduce cancer risk – Jaguar

Daily exercise can help reduce your risk of more than 10 forms of cancer, according to American Cancer Societyand a new initiative from Georgia Cancer Center It will help locals access the tools they need to stay fit.

As part of cancer health awareness through the screeNinG and Education (CHANGE) initiative implemented by the Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University, residents of five low-income local housing complexes completed surveys to express what they feel is necessary in their community to increase health. living. The goal of the Change Initiative is to educate the citizens of Georgia about preventing cancer as well as reducing the risk of disease.

Dr. said. Marlowe Vernon, assistant professor at the Medical College of Georgia and the Georgia Cancer Center. “One piece is working in the community, doing cancer education, decreasing cancer risk through behaviors, and then directing people to cancer screenings, especially with COVID. We’ve seen a huge decrease in the number of people getting regular checkups.”

Vernon added that talking to the community first to find out what they want is of the utmost importance. Having residents behind the project makes it easy to bring about change.

Residents of Irvine Towers, a local housing complex, are one target community. Their survey showed that residents want more access to fitness options because they do not have an on-site gym and many are unable to attend fitness classes outside their compound.

Residents of Ervin Towers are taking advantage of a new exercise program to help fight cancer.

On September 16, the Georgia Cancer Center collaborated with Croc Center To teach residents the importance of an active lifestyle.

Justus Walker, Kroc Center’s fitness coordinator, was there to teach a “Movers and Shakers” class so residents could learn how to maintain their bodies through fitness. The class included physical activities for people with reduced mobility, as most of the residents of Irvine Towers are elderly.

“We love working with seniors and being able to work with them outside of Croke Center has been a big goal for us to spread information and knowledge,” Walker said.

Going forward, coaches from both Kroc Center and local sports retailer Fleet feet He will come to Irvine Towers to host weekly group fitness classes as the Change Initiative works to reduce the risk of cancer among the residents.

We want our residents here, most of whom are elderly, to understand the importance of how cancer can affect them, but also how to prevent it. “It’s very important for them to be educated and aware,” said Derek Bell, a resident services specialist at Irvine Towers.

Fitness trainer exercises with two mascot
Justus Walker of Kroc Center hosts a “Movement and Shakers” exercise class alongside Augustus, the mascot of Augusta University, and RJ, the mascot of Kroc Center.

Many residents of Irvine Towers have been living there for some time, but due to a lack of local resources, they have not had the opportunity to take the necessary steps to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

“I think that’s great. I’ve lived here for 15 years, so I’d like to see everyone get up and be more energetic instead of talking about how they feel uncomfortable,” said Rhonda Plinys, vice president of the Irvine Towers Association.

“The most important thing is that we want our residents to have access to as many services as possible to help improve their quality of life,” Bell said.

Irvine Towers is the second of five local residences to receive support from the Change Initiative. During the summer, residents of Peabody Apartment have requested more access to fresh fruits and vegetables since their community is located in an area where fresh markets are not readily available.


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