Help Wanted: Lenoir County Public Health

Help Wanted: Lenoir County Public Health

Salary range: $32877 – $50.027

Job description: Social Worker 2 is responsible for the patient case burden assigned to the county population, which varies. Each patient’s assignment is based on a referral from a medical provider or other agencies that provide services to children 0-5 years old who reside in Lenoir County. The social worker is responsible for: 1. Assisting in obtaining community resources to ensure positive health outcomes 2. To educate clients and their families on the proper use of medical services 3. Monitoring any risk factors that may be harmful to positive health outcomes using Life Skills Advancement and SWYC and needs assessment the society ; Develop and implement a plan of care to ensure healthy outcomes; and submit data information to the North Carolina Department of Medicaid database – Virtual Health (VH) The second social worker is responsible for the quality of health care provided to patients served by the agency. This work requires specialized knowledge in assessing advanced level social work using theories and practices in the delivery of patient care which includes:
1. Principles and techniques used by advanced level social work
2. Coordination of services
3. Accurate knowledge of case management for children at risk. 4. Working knowledge of clinic services which includes referral, CMARC referral screening will be entered within 7 days of receipt)

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
1. Extensive knowledge of family and group dynamics and intervention techniques
2. Extensive knowledge of the methods and principles of cases
3. Extensive knowledge of social work principles, techniques, practices, theories and applications
4. Knowledge of programs and resources in the community including government and private organizations
5. Knowing virtual health
6. Skills in communication techniques and strategies
7. Skill in counseling techniques, which include interventions to assess psychological, social, behavioral and psychological aspects of problems
8. Stress management skill
9. Ability to work with individuals/groups/community
10. The ability to explain program goals and objectives to groups with diverse educational backgrounds and cultures
11. The ability to express ideas clearly and concisely
12. Ability to plan and implement work effectively
13. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other disciplines on staff and in civil, legal, medical, social and religious organizations as well as client populations
14. The ability to exercise good social judgment and make decisions independently
15. Awareness and interrelationship with other agencies in the community
16. Experience in managing a Children at Risk program
17. Ability to speak to individuals or groups on issues related to the areas of public health for the current assignment
18. Knowledge of current issues in public health
19. The ability to increase knowledge and keep pace with changes in social work by attending workshops
20. Knowing the available resources and organizations and being able to coordinate them as needed
21. The ability to secure the cooperation of the patient or the family
22. Ability to record, interpret and use records and reports
23. Keeping abreast of current social and economic problems related to public health within the community

Minimum Training Required: A social worker (MSW, BSW, or meets SW II qualification) must have at least one year of health and human services experience and have experience working with pregnant women and their families.

License or certification required by law or regulation: Current valid NC driver’s license Closing date: Open until application process is complete:

Applications must be submitted online at To be considered for this position.

Lenoir County is an equal opportunity positive employer.

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