Long food queues disrupt students' tables

Long food queues disrupt students’ tables

Written by Brandon Cummings and Daniel Tapia September 20 2022

With the return of in-person instruction bringing more people to campus, students find themselves waiting in long lines trying to eat between classes, causing some students to go hungry or make them late for class.

With schedules unique to each student, times like the “U-Hour” when there are no classes in session, give students the opportunity to consume something. However, some students skip lunch due to long queues during lunch time.

“The long food lines made it very difficult for me to get lunch between classes everywhere,” said Physicist Quinn Gilbert. “From the market to the student center in the Bronco, everything tends to be long.”

Currently, Cal Poly Pomona offers nearly 20 different dining options from restaurants to Starbucks and get items from one of the markets for their meals.

Some students try to avoid these long lines by ordering through the Grub Hub. However, such mobile requests slow down the process not only for the students in the class, but also for the staff making the food.

Sergio Milian, a computer engineering specialist and off-campus food service worker, believes mobile food ordering apps are making the problem worse.

“I work in fast food, so I know that these mobile services slow everything else down. Not only can these workers worry about people in line, but we also have to worry about online orders not being received in most cases,” Milian said. “I would say mobile phone requests are not allowed as they make things more difficult. Wait times for these orders can be up to an hour because restaurants can have too many orders to reach before the online ordering begins.”

Brandon Cummings | Poly Post

Whether a student is waiting in line or ordering online, there seem to be no advantages to receiving food in a fair share of the time. This leaves some students with no choice but to purchase prepackaged food from the markets on campus.

“The options we always have are long queues. I’m sure I’ve spent more than thirty minutes on some of these lines before,” said kinesiologist Niggy Ferguson. “So, I honestly skip classes and see what’s available in the markets on campus. Even then, the food disappears in there sometimes, so I usually end up returning to class with a bunch of snacks and a Gatorade.”

The options available on campus are not enough to satisfy students who want to eat between classes. No matter when or how they choose to order their food, the continuing trend of long lines still tends to be a problem on campus for students. In some cases, students risk losing their parking spot just so they can find food off campus.

“I commute to school, and we know how frustrating parking can be. I don’t want to leave school just for food if I don’t have to,” said Nnamdi Ozor, a dietitian. “It’s really sad to go to school hoping there will be places Enough parking, but risking losing my place just to get food when I don’t have to is just another level of frustration.”

Recommendations to Foundation Dining Services for improvements to their catering services can be found through the comments forum at Enterprise Food Services website. There you can also find all the options that CPP offers as well as their opening hours.

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