Menopause Yoga for Viral Walking Exercises

Menopause Yoga for Viral Walking Exercises

September is the month when many are looking to bring some kind of regime back to life, so it’s no wonder there are so many fitness trends taking over the exercise world right now. And you don’t have to be some kind of sports pro to participate, and let’s not forget to enjoy these new fitness trends. They range from (totally free!) viral walking workouts to new high-energy fitness classes to try now, and brain exercises, strength challenges and yoga tailored specifically to fit the needs of midlife. Read on to discover our list of inspirations and top fitness trends to get you back in the game.

Walk, Walk, Walk: TikTok Viral Workouts

One of the good things about coming out of the pandemic is our mutual appreciation for the power of walking. It’s free, accessible, and it will do wonders for your brain. Naturally, this gave way to a slew of new walking trends on TikTok. Earlier this year, the 12:30:30 workout went viral thanks to user Lauren Giraldo (@Loringeraldo), who shared her routine on the treadmill for half an hour. The formula is simple, walking for 30 minutes on a 12 percent incline and at three miles per hour (or 4.8 kilometers on most British treadmills). Simple, but surprisingly effective if you’re the type who struggles to figure out what to do on the treadmill normally. Lately, it’s all been about Hot Girl Walk, penned by TikToker Mia (@Just like the other girls) and inspired by her epidemiological outings. The concept is also pretty straightforward but you don’t need a treadmill: Go on a four-mile (6.4 km) walk and just think of three things: the things you’re grateful for, how attractive you are and the goals you have in life. Think of it as a touching gratitude exercise.

TikTok is a wealth of knowledge – not only has it revealed the ‘fruit as makeup’ of the TikTok trend – but now it’s teaching us all about the under-office treadmills, just like TokTok user Kristin aka (Tweet embed) in the next viral video below, which has racked up 5.2 million views. The beauty of under desk treadmills is that they take up much less space than regular treadmills and can be stacked away when not in use. It’s also a little less expensive – we found this Under desk treadmill on Amazon, 150 pounds sterling. If you’re struggling to get in your stride on a typical WFH day, this might be the answer.

Consider fitness designed for menopause

Next month marks Menopause Awareness Month, and more and more influential women and coaches are sharing how to modify their midlife fitness routine. Are you looking for something soothing and low-impact? Qigong may be your best friend. With a focus on encouraging the flow of energy throughout the body, by combining movement, breathing and focus, it is an ancient Chinese medicinal technique that makes you feel rejuvenated and energized. Read how qijong affected menopausal symptoms in one woman here. Try it for free by TCM Practitioner Katie Brindel Hayo’u Fit The platform is under a seven-day trial. If you wish, you can sign up for unlimited virtual Qigong for £40 a month in the comfort of your own home.

Regular strength training is a good idea during menopause to avoid loss of muscle mass and bone density and ultimately to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis. Lauren Pascal (@Lauren PascalShe shares her strength-training journey through middle age on Instagram, along with helpful protein-rich recipes for refueling and hands-on movement exercises for recovery days. It will have you picking up a pair of dumbbells in no time. as will Kate Roe Hamm (@katerh_fitness), also known as Menopause Coach and founder of Owning a Menopause App. Meanwhile, Caroline Edens, aka Caroline Circles (@Caroline), and her 30-minute online training classes have earned a loyal online following. Members are offered three classes a week for £35 a month. Try a taste of Caroline Circuits’ strength class here.

If you prefer to practice yoga, try indulging in the creator of Menopause Yoga (@yogaPetra Coveney’s new online classes every Monday (6pm-7:30pm) or why not try a quick rocket yoga workout with GTG Editor-in-Chief Victoria Woodhall (@victoriawoodhall) every Wednesday and Friday at 8am (completely free!) Dog Along with TV presenter turned beauty mogul Trini Woodall is also a fan of hers.

For a full day of wellness, including yoga, qigong and vocal healing, pick up both Victoria and Katie for the next day In your element wellness festival At Eccleston Yards next month.

Book a new high-energy fitness class

Sometimes (budget permitting), you just need that group workout energy to get your endorphins pumping. London is home to a wave of exciting new editorials and new chapters.

Or not pelotonThe bicycle brand opened the doors of its flagship London store on Flower Street in Covent Garden last month. Spread over three shiny new floors, with some of the finest facilities we’ve discovered in the gym, it features both a treadmill and a spin studio where you can join live lessons with your favorite UK trainers, from Susie Chan (@susie_chanand Joslyn Thompson Rule (@joslynthompson rule). Even if you’re not a huge fan of the brand, you’ll get a bang from participating in sessions that are broadcast live to the rest of the world in the famous bright blue room. Choose from the likes of 30-minute HIIT sprints on the treadmill, 45-minute walking workouts and hard Tabata bike training. If you’re thinking of showing off your Peloton gear, this is also a great way to try out the set before you commit. Lessons from £25, book here

Like your HIIT surrounded by ultra-chic interiors? look no further than John Reed Fitness The first British location of a luxury German gym chain that opened across from Liverpool Street Station at the beginning of the year. It is without a doubt London’s finest, with excellent facilities, including a boxing ring, live DJ, sprawling free weights, cardio area and a large Finnish sauna to relieve stress after a sweat session. However, Whisper it, since its launch last January, remains relatively undiscovered, meaning you never have to stand in line to get a machine and get plenty of one-on-one attention with the instructors in the classroom. Choose from gymnastics, hot yoga, barbell, Pilates and an array of strength and conditioning sessions, the list goes on. Membership from £100,

Just around the corner Robots City, the second studio of conscious kayaking concept at boutique Gareth Bale (the first in Fitzrovia), which just revealed two fun new 50-minute classes you don’t have to be a kayaking enthusiast to enjoy. Power is the brand’s first-ever strength-focused session, while Capacity is a new conditioning class that includes snowboarding, attack bike and rowing, punctuated with weights—not for the faint-hearted. Also take a look at the classes that focus on kayaking, and you’ll be surprised how meditative they are. Classes are available in Rowbots City and Fitzrovia and cost from £24, while memberships start from £120 a month,

Take the Transformational Fitness Challenge

Sometimes a good old-fashioned dose of accountability and structure is the only way to start a routine — and that’s where the challenges come in.

We love the voice of a personal trainer and evolve you App creator Krissy Cela’s (@chryselaThe new, low-impact Strong Express program. It’s a carefully curated eight-week program aimed at those of us with busy schedules, and who want a big bang for our buck when it comes to exercise. Each week you will commit to three 30-minute full-body exercises (for dumbbells only) that will help you learn the basics of strength training, gradually increase your strength and challenge you mentally and physically. The program is available to members with three subscription options: £89.99 per year (£7.50 per month), quarterly: £37.99 (£12.66 per month) or monthly: £15.49. You’ll also get access to on-demand yoga, bar and HIIT classes, as well as nutritional recipes.

For something totally unique, an at-home fitness platform Viet He designed four- and eight-week training programs inspired by HeroxA new world class racing and fitness challenge designed for people who love functional fitness. The games combine strength and stamina and take place on October 15 in Birmingham and November 19 in London, with further dates set for 2023. Fiit’s Hyrox training plans are sponsored by notable coaches, including Luke Baden, Gede Foster and Laura Hoggins who together put together my program block for four weeks. Each week consists of six 10- to 60-minute workout sessions designed to target the body’s three energy systems. This includes three exercises on the treadmill, dumbbell strength, core functional and cardio sessions, plus at least one recovery session per week. Whether you’re training for race day or not, this is a great way to add structure to your training. Register here

Try a “brain exercise” with breathing

If you haven’t discovered the power of breathing yet, let this be your excuse to give it a try. Starting Monday, September 26th Brythbud‘s Stewart Sandeman hosts free 30-minute breathing sessions every morning on Instagram (@breathing) at 7.30am for 21 days, to help you start your day off right and head into the new season feeling calm, toned and recharged. We bet you’ll be surprised at the transformative effect that practicing regular breathing will have on your mind.

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