MHC, in partnership with META, has improved perceptions of the importance of emotional well-being and willingness to seek help.

MHC, in partnership with META, has improved perceptions of the importance of emotional well-being and willingness to seek help.

New YorkAnd the September 20 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Mental Health Alliance, in partnership with Meta, is proud to announce that its content and resources have purposefully changed the way more than 500,000 Americans have reported feeling important to their mental health and willingness to get mental health support. Specifically, people-reported attitudes about stigma are measurably changed, and the resulting process and impact are scalable. The digital initiative has shown a significant increase in people’s understanding of their emotional well-being and the importance of caring for it. It also increased people’s desire to seek resources vital to emotional well-being.

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“Given that 1 in 4 people have mental health issues, and 2 in 3 of these individuals never seek professional support (according to the World Health Organization), largely because of the stigma attached to it, we are on the Confidence that these results are transformative and can positively impact the well-being of millions of individuals.” Kenneth Colefounder of MHC.

Historically, it has been difficult to mobilize the general public with digital initiatives focused on mental health: in general, there is a neutral or negative reaction to facts about mental health messages. However, messages generated from the MHC were able to change people’s reported attitudes across a range of familiarity with mental health topics, regardless of where they were originally located. That is, the coalition’s focus on accessible messages and broad language has been successful in reaching both the general population and populations at risk. The cost and benefit are also noteworthy, for everyone 1 dollar Spent, nearly two people’s perceptions of mental health have been altered. This is changing the collective ability to effectively address the most pressing public health crisis of our day, mental illness.

says Lu Chen Foster, director of health partnerships at META.

The Mental Health Alliance is committed to using social media and technology to positively influence people’s emotional well-being and willingness to seek resources. Through MHC’s longstanding partnership with Meta along with our group of expert advisors and nonprofit partners, MHC is committed to taking this information to key demographics, testing many different strategies for messaging and delivery methods and publishing all findings for free and an open framework that can be used for everyone to replicate. .

This commitment allows the MHC to deepen the work that has been done to change the narrative around mental health. By taking the lessons learned from the current impact and scaling up, there is an opportunity to take advantage of and expand new resources by replicating what has worked with different audiences with the goal of changing the way people talk and think about mental health. The ground-breaking results as well as MHC’s commitment to work on the Clinton Global Initiative were announced on Tuesday 20 September.

Source: Mental Health Alliance

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