Michael Tweety's latest book,

Michael Tweety’s “Koshersoul” explores the intersection of Jewish and black food

Michael Tweety wrote in the preface to his latest book: “Cochersole: The Journey of Faith and Food for an African American Jew is Food for Healing.” Written during the post-Obama years, this book served as a balm to intense political tensions, to the seemingly endless culture wars It seems.

“Every twenty-four hour media session saw a rise in red meat policies to punish marginalized, oppressed, and emerging communities,” wrote Tweety, a black, Jewish, gay, and highly talented writer.

Cochorsall tells the story of the African and Jewish diaspora and the cultural confusion created by these forced journeys. Many of those enduring food traditions serve as reminders that the hope of a festive meal was sometimes a matter of survival. Tweety writes: “Their success of them, and all of us, once again is yet another testament to what magic lies within our traditions.”

This interview has been edited for length.

Southern Cuisine: Can you give some perspective on the scale of the intersection between black and Jewish food?

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