Realme Watch 3 Pro review: A great set of fitness and features on a budget

Realme Watch 3 Pro review: A great set of fitness and features on a budget

Realme Watch 3 Pro offers just about everything a budget smartwatch needs – AMOLED display, Bluetooth calls, health sensors, fitness trackers, and more. is it for you? I read here.

Budget smartwatches are taking small steps towards growing into completely luxury watches! And it works too! But sometimes in order to offer a large number of features, it lacks a vital aspect – accuracy. Fortunately, the new Realme Watch 3 Pro jumps above this loophole. at a price of Rs. 4,499, this Realme watch comes with a host of customizations for the look of the watch face, smart features, health and fitness sensors as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Now, if you compare it to a non-professional avatar, you will find countless similarities; This is also at a much cheaper price. However, after wearing the Realme Watch 3 Pro for about two weeks, I found this watch to be reliable in its class. Read on to find out why.

Design and display

Realme has been stagnant with its smartwatch design formula that we’ve seen on many of its previous iterations. Here too, Realme Watch 3 Pro offers a square design with slightly curved edges; This metal-look frame adds a hint of classic style (just like Apple!) However, it has a plastic body with a detachable silicone strap, which is comfortable to wear. It also carries a multi-purpose button on the right side to enter the menu, return to the home screen, and more. Overall, it looks simple and classic, but Realme could have tried something new for its design.

But the screen makes up for an outdated design. At this price, only 2 watches get an AMOLED display and the Realme Watch 3 Pro joins this rare group. Features a 1.78-inch AMOLED display that delivers bright and rich colors; At a peak brightness of 500 nits, the screen can be seen under sunlight. In addition, the slightly curved edges decorate the overall appearance of the screen. In general, it is a beautiful screen, burdened with thick bezels on all sides, which can be avoided.

Smart Features

But while the design hasn’t changed much, it’s the smart features that make it an interesting watch. It is loaded with more than 110 watch faces, which can be managed via the supported Realme Link app. And yes the app! It’s simple and nicely packs a detailed view of your daily activity, health, sleep monitor, and everything else your watch is monitoring.

Moreover, Realme Watch 3 Pro provides weather temperature updates for your region, music control, camera access, alarm setting and event reminders that require the app to do the rest of the work. Additionally, you can get notifications as well; Very simple and classified to read with clean user interface. And it comes with IP68 certification, so you can wear it worry-free during your workout sessions.

Bluetooth connection

There was a time when Bluetooth connectivity on a smartwatch was limited to the premium chip. Nowadays, this has become the USP of most of these budget smartwatches. Following this trend, Realme Watch 3 Pro comes with a built in microphone and speaker. With clear and loud sound, it provides a decent calling experience for indoor situations. To make the calling process even easier, it allows you to add frequent contacts via the app, recent call history, and a mini dial pad.

Health Features

The Realme Watch 3 Pro offers the same health and fitness features as its non-professional brother, which means – step tracking, SpO2, sleep monitoring, continuous measurement of heart rate, stress level, and women’s health. This time around, Realme managed to keep the accuracy intact with most health trackers, unlike the Realme Watch s100. The pedometer counts nearly accurate steps (thanks to built-in GPS support), as does the SpO2 and heart rate sensor with little difference from the medical device’s readings. However, it is suggested to take these numbers for reference only and check with medical professionals in case of a significant drop in the level of oxygen in the blood.

Sleep monitoring works well – it saves the estimated time to fall asleep. It will consider that you are asleep even while resting, however, the app will suggest the details of deep and light sleep. Also, I’m glad Realme has added a period tracker to its budget smartwatch, providing a quick look at all the essential information.

For fitness freaks (definitely don’t talk to me!), the Realme Watch 3 Pro is loaded with over 110 workout modes, but it lets you add up to 15 at a time to watch. The best part is the exercise recognition mode, which alerts if the watch detects any outside activity.

Battery life

While extracting most of the performance from Realme Watch 3 Pro, it can last for about a week on a single full charge with its 345mAh battery. However, the company claims that it offers up to 10 days of battery life, which is roughly achievable with the always-on display, continuous health tracking features disabled, and other battery drain patterns. Also, charging Realme Watch 3 Pro from 0-100 takes about an hour and a half.


What do we all need from a smartwatch under Rs. 5000? Smart Features – Realme Watch 3 Pro is loaded with many; Health sensors – yes! He gets almost all the essentials here; Big screen and rich in color? examines. Bluetooth connectivity is also available here on a budget. And a week’s long battery life to support overall performance makes it an easy pick over its sub-Rs competitors. 5000 pcs.

But not all is well! The sleep tracking feature could be better and Realme might be able to experiment with its design a bit. Apart from that, it takes care of all the basic necessities that you could ask for from a smartwatch at this price.

Keeping the competition in mind, if you’re looking for a more sporty design, the Boat Watch Primia and Dizo Watch R Talk are a few other options at this price.

product name

Realme Watch 3 Pro


  • Clean user interface
  • Good battery life
  • Reliable health tracking


  • Same old design
  • Sleep tracking is somewhat inaccurate


  • Show

    1.78 inch AMOLED with 500 lumens brightness

  • battery

    345 mAh

  • sensors

    Accelerometer, heart rate, SpO2

  • water resistant


  • Bluetooth


  • Application support

    iOS11+, Android 5.1+

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