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Rohit Sharma, captain of the Indian cricket team, is known for his superior skills and demeanor both on and off the field. And this latest achievement – becoming the third only Indian captain to win an ODI duo series in England, after MS Dhoni (2014) and Mohammed Azharuddin (1990) – makes him feel absolutely delighted.
Off the ground, he has built himself a reputation for his flawless style. Sharma’s brand equity lies behind only Virat Kohli, with the leader currently supporting around 24 brands across the board. In 2020, the cricketer was appointed as a brand ambassador for oakleymaking it Join the brand A circle of world-renowned athletes and icons of sports history.
Sharma Whoever believes so strongly in the concept of following your passion and never losing your identity despite hardships and setbacks, once again takes Oakley’s next chapter in the “Be who you are” campaign.
Rohit Sharma x Oakley
Image Courtesy: Oakley
Commenting on the campaign, Rohit Sharma said, “I believe that belief in oneself and confidence in one’s abilities can enable an individual to achieve what they strive for. I have been fortunate to live my dream as I decided to pursue my passion for self belief and motivation.
Lux Book He met the cricketer to find out more about his life on the court, his style and his fitness regime.
On the days when you’re not in the field, how do you spend your time?
When we are not on tour, my schedule is more dynamic, because I prefer to spend most of my time with my wife Ritika and my daughter Samira. I also have arranged meetings and brand commitments that I give my time to, so I work when I’m not in the field. But I’m trying to catch up with movies and other interests.
Do you feel that the right sunglasses can make or break your look? why?
Sunglasses are always a great accessory, on and off the field. They add style to an outfit and provide protection; Make you feel more confident and comfortable, no matter the situation.
Describe your style in a few words.
basic. Fabulous. relaxing. elegant.
Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey?
Fitness always means being healthy, feeling healthy and eating it. There are many different elements one has to take into account to be fit, with the mind being an important function that also needs to be kept active and fit. Hence, one should think holistically when it comes to fitness, the key is to keep learning and change your routine according to your needs to stay and feel fit.
How do you strike the right balance between maintaining your fitness regime and your lifestyle?
Fitness is part of my lifestyle. As a cricketer who has been playing and roaming for several months now, you have to keep in mind your lifestyle. Whether it is exercise, sleep, nutrition, rest or practice, everything plays a comprehensive and balanced role, to ensure that it is part of my daily lifestyle. Even if one of these aspects is not implemented, today it will not give you the desired result.
What makes Oakley resonate with you as a brand?
The brand has been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of performance, offering eyewear that is the perfect blend of functionality, innovative technology and style. Oakley glasses have definitely been my go-to choice on and off the field. As a leader in performance eyewear, I am grateful to have been associated with them since 2020. As a brand, they have always strived to empower and bring communities and individuals together through a shared love of sport.
The best way to deal with stress in your opinion?
When you play cricket in India, the pressure is high – a lot of people will talk about the pros and cons. As a cricketer my job is to focus on the game because we can’t control the other aspects and that’s the message for everyone – don’t get upset about what you can’t control.
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