The tech startup focuses on employee well-being

The tech startup focuses on employee well-being

Written by Alicia McCu

The total annual costs of work-related stress are $300 billion in the United States. However, the nature of managing teams, as well as performance within the organization, is stressful. Too often, companies find that leaders are not equipped with the knowledge to support employees’ mental and emotional well-being – which is why they turn to businesses like Peak Mind.

Founded by business owner and sociologist Alicia E. McCoy, Peak Mind is a black-owned tech startup focused on company-wide solutions to improve employee well-being, company culture, and healthcare expenditures. After more than 20 years in the interior design field, McCoy had a realization that changed the trajectory of her career.

“Working as an interior designer has brought me so much joy that I would have reimagined it and then recreated the aesthetic of the space,” McCoy said. “But around 2019, right before the pandemic, I had the stark realization that the beatification of space could not change a person’s experience if they weren’t in a healthy mental state. Little did I know this was the birth of the peak of mind.”

Peak Mind provides companies with a unique set of tools to enable workers to thrive while also providing leadership with an insightful roadmap to safer work environments.

Through the app, employees have on-demand access to coping activities that can literally help them find their calm in a moment of chaos. With easy science-based technologies, diverse employees or teams can participate in small actions from the comfort of their office area or when gathering in large meeting spaces.

Corporate wellness software and tools lead to more active and productive employees, and thus a more productive company culture. In general, corporate wellness programs increase productivity by 5% or more.

Peak Mind was recently one of the five black-owned companies featured in Indy’s (BEI) August Procurement Roundtable. When McCoy was contacted, I immediately sensed that this could be a platform to help inform companies across the Indy region, a leader in DE&I, to ensure they are looking after their people.

“Just as a flight attendant encourages travelers to wear an oxygen mask first, here at Peak Mind we ensure that people prioritize their self-care,” McCoy said. “BEI companies are committed to promoting equity, but this work is stressful and can be stressful. We saw an opportunity to talk not only about the diverse roots of Peak Mind, but to highlight how this tool provides essential support to those working in the DE&I space day in and day out. day “.

Through BEI, black-owned businesses take advantage of opportunities to connect with a multitude of supplier diversity professionals looking to diversify their vendors. The Procurement Roundtable, held every three months, provides a platform for diverse BEI companies and suppliers to meet and get to know each other and, ideally, foster ongoing and mutually beneficial business relationships.

“Since the Procurement Roundtable in August, we have been in talks with a few Indy companies interested in exploring Peak Minds,” McCoy said. “Opportunities like the Procurement Roundtable are a great tool for black-owned businesses to better engage with the corporate community.”

To learn more about Peak Mind, please visit the website. To learn more about BEI or to register for the upcoming Procurement Roundtable, please visit the BEI website.

Alicia McCoy is the founder and CEO of Peak Mind.

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